Black Country Saddles

Black Country Saddles

With more than 70 years of combined experience as Master Saddlers, Rob Cullen and John Hartley have made the name of Black Country Saddles synonymous with innovation and quality throughout the equestrian world.

Extensive knowledge and understanding of saddle manufacture allows Black Country Saddles to produce a range that can be fitted to all types of horses. Their saddlemakers work closely with qualified Saddle Fitters, such as Kathryn from The Saddlefitter to ensure the best possible combination of fit for both horse and rider.

They are committed to providing you with the best possible product available. They have declined the mass production demands and remain with tradition continuing to use and source quality British materials, from the initial stages of the wood laminated Spring Trees complete with 10 year guarantee to 100% wool flock.

Saddle Guarantee

Saddle Guarantee

Thank you for choosing to purchase a Black Country Saddle.

Black Country Saddles is a bespoke English manufacturer approved by the Society of Master Saddlers. Each saddle is handcrafted by our team of saddlemakers, using the finest leathers, trees and wool flocking, providing you with the highest quality product available.

Leather: Your Black Country Saddle is warranted against faulty workmanship and materials, subject to fair wear and tear, for a period of one year. Some colour loss may be normal and should not be considered a defect

Tree: The tree is guaranteed against general riding conditions for a period of 10 years (subject to registration).

·Unauthorised repairs and alterations to this saddle will invalidate the warranty

Leather Finishes

Flap and Skirt Options

Smooth Full Grain

High quality finished leather
Colours – Black, Dark Brown, Havana, Newmarket


Superior quality leather with a natural finish and hair cell print enhancing the beauty of the leather, highly oiled and supple -  “No more breaking in”
Colours – Black, Brown, Oxblood


Heavy duty printed leather
Colours – Black, Brown

Seat and Knee Pad Options

Standard Hide

Soft hide with extra grip
Colours – Black, Dark Brown, Havana, Oxblood


Printed leather for extra grip and durability
Colours – Black, Brown


For extra grip
Colours – Black, Brown

Reversed Doe*

Deluxe textured hide for extra grip and comfort
Colours – Black, Brown

Doe Skin*

Refined texture with “suede look” appearance for softness and extra grip
Colours – Black, Brown

Calf Hide*

Colours – Black, Brown, Oxblood, Caramel
Deluxe smooth hide for extra grip and comfort

*additional cost on some models

Covered Options


Fully covered in schrumph offering extra grip and durability
Colours – Black, Brown


Fully covered in standard hide for extra grip and suppleness
Colours – Black, Dark Brown, Havana


Another option on show saddles for extra grip and cosmetic purposes